help!how to detect cytochrome C releasing from motocondria!

Paul S. Brookes. brookes at
Mon Mar 13 14:05:17 EST 2000

Lyse (gently) the cells and centrifuge.  Then western blot for cyt-c in the 
mitochondrial pellet and the cytosol/supernatant.  Pharmingen's mouse 
monoclonal Ab works well in our hands.  See FASEB J. vol 13, pp2031-2036 
(1999) for  a recent example of this.

Of course with any such method you have to make sure any cyt-c you see in 
the supernatant is actually released and not due to non-pelleted 
mitochondria.  Enzyme assays like citrate synthase are simple enough to 
accomplish this.


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