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> > > Almost all cells are a lot happier in foetal calf serum, and
> > > much more.
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> > I was once told by someone that HEK293 cells gave far higher
> > transfection efficiencies if grown in newborn serum rather than
> > serum. Of course, that may have just been the HEK293 cells in their
> > lab.
> NIH3T3 fibroblasts should definitely not be grown in FCS or they
> will start to act very weird (transformation?). Growth in
> newborn calf serum will prevent this.
> Otherwise I agree with "Almost all cells...".

Weird, how? Do they get "fat"? ISTR that some fibrolast lines tend to
go adipose in high conc. of FCS.

Also, depending on one's application, more rapid proliferation is not
necessarily "happier."

Re: transfection. In grad. school our lab was doing the Chen and
Okayama CaPhos method, and for some reason we noticed that our batches
of NCS gave better transfection efficiencies with HeLa and 293 than if
we used FCS. We speculated that perhaps that FCS had higher levels of
nuclease that could have degraded the plasmid, but never followed upon
it (if you recall, in that method the DNA precipitates in the medium,
so it may be "naked" to nucleases for awhile).

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