Kinase inhibitor party-pack?

Bruno Cenni cenni at
Tue Mar 21 09:26:06 EST 2000

Before you start testing every other potential inhibitor you should be aware
that genistein does many other things beyond inhibiting kinases... look at
EMBO J 1999 Sep 1;18(17):4608-18 for instance.



"Ian A. York" wrote:

> While testing for something altogether different, I found my mutant cells
> are repaired by treatment with genistein, an inhibitor of tyrosine
> kinases.   Although there are a couple of obvious candidate substrates,
> specific tests have suggested the obvious ones are not what's mediating
> the effect.
> I'd like to try to narrow down this effect more, to localize which kinase
> (or equally which substrate) is being affectedbut I'm pretty ignorant
> about kinases and signal pathways.  Is there a logical, or standard (or
> both) progression for using more selective inhibitors to narrow down the
> substrates?
> Does someone sell a cheap introductory collection of kinase inhibitors,
> suitable for this kind of narrowing down?  I'm poking around a number of
> catalogues, and things aren't really coming clear to me.
> Thanks for any tips.
> Ian

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