Tadeusz Moczon moczon at twarda.pan.pl
Tue Mar 21 15:40:17 EST 2000

Ulrich Oppitz wrote:
> Hello !
> I am looking for information about Apoptosis and morphology changes of
> the cell during apoptosis, when stained with Hematoxylin&Eosin. Does
> anyone know more about it and is able to give advice or a publication,
> review, or textbook.
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Dr. Ulrich Oppitz
> Ulrich.Oppitz at innovatis.com
Search for APOPTOSIS in:  

Look for the newest Roche catalog: "2000 Biochemicals Catalog". You can
find there (pp.285-313) a short background, different methods and also
kits and reagents suitable for assaying and microscopic demonstration of

If necessary, visit the website: http://biochem.roche.com. Select your
country, then click "Webmaster" and write an order for the newest

You can quickly get the catalog after sending an e-mail:

>From Germany: mannheim.Biocheminfo at roche.com
>From Austria: Gerhard.Muehlbauer at roche.com
>From Switzerland: biocheminfo.ch at roche.com

There is no a description of the H+E method in the catalog. However,
this method is simple and reliable and you need not to worry about the
Good luck!

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