test cell cultures for absence of mycoplasma

Nanci E Donacki nancieed at erols.com
Tue Mar 28 20:50:36 EST 2000

Besdies Hoechst staining which is the standard method, but does require
knowing what to look for, there are several commercially available kits.
Boehringer-Mannheim (Roche) has an ELISA kit and a PCR kit.
Life technologies - MycoTec, a cell culture based detection.
I've used both of these in the past with good results.  The Roche kit is the
current standard in our lab.

Stratagene also has both PCS and EIA based mycoplasma detection kits, but I
have not used those.

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Anja Vaeth <AnjaVaeth at t-online.de> wrote in message
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> Hi all
> Can anybody help me or give me an advice?
> I' m looking for a well established method to test stock cultures for
> absence of mycoplasma.
> I will be grateful for any suggestion.
> Anja
> (biologist)

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