Cell biology: Centrioles go for a stroll

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Cell biology: Centrioles go for a stroll
Manfred Schliwa is at the Institute for Cell Biology, University of Munich,
Schillerstrasse 42, 80336 Munich, Germany. 
e-mail: schliwa at bio.med.uni-muenchen.de 

Centrioles are arguably the most enigmatic cell organelles. In most animal
cells, a pair of centrioles resides in the centrosome — a macromolecular
complex that organizes the microtubule system (part of the cell's internal
skeleton). The two centrioles, a mother and a daughter, "are positioned at
right angles to each other". This quote from a popular textbook epitomizes the
idea of a fixed arrangement of the two bodies within the centrosome (see part a
in the figure: at the top is an end-on view of one of the centrioles, while at
the bottom is a longitudinal view of the other centriole). Deviations from a
close apposition are considered exceptional.

New article in current Nature/Cell Biol.  I have PDF article if wanted

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