Genomic imprinting: Silence across the border

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Fri May 26 19:24:02 EST 2000

Genomic imprinting: Silence across the border
Wolf Reik and Adele Murrell are in the Laboratory of Developmental Genetics and
Imprinting, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge CB2 4AT, UK.

e-mail: wolf.reik at

Imprinted genes in mammals are expressed from only one chromosome: either the
gene inherited from the mother or that from the father is silenced. Such genes
include Igf2 and other genes involved in growth control; here, imprinting might
work to balance maternal and paternal demands on the size of an embryo. We know
of several mechanisms by which imprinting can be achieved. And now the work of
several groups1-4, including two whose reports appear on pages 482 and 486 of
this issue1, 2, allows us to add yet another weapon — chromatin boundaries — to
the imprinting arsenal.

Recent article in Nature.  I have PDF version upon request

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