Help needed for Raman Spectra of ECM proteins, gags & proteoglycans

PAUL A BARNETT biffabacon.2000 at
Wed Nov 8 18:44:35 EST 2000

Hi, this is my first time posting to the newsgroup so I hope my question is
not too stupid!
    well more of a problem than a question,
could anyone advise me as to where I can obtain Raman Spectra for the
following molecules
    -Collagen type I
    I'm working on differences in ECM formation between migratory &
non-migratory L929 mice fibroblasts, unfortunately my project
budget does not allow for me to order and take the spectra myself.
hopefully someone has got Raman Spectra for the above, although from what
I've been informed it's doubtful.
    If anyone has, knows or can point me in the direction of any institution
which might and/or supply any useful information, it would be very very
    please E-Mail me at bh870315 at with any info, thanks
for your time reading this.

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