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Hi Sophie.

> Hello
> I´m about to start some studies on cell adhesion on surfaces coated with
> different substances such as cell culture flasks.

Firstly what type of cell are you using. EG if using epithellial cells you
may find that the cells will become mesenchymal if they don't like the

You should choose a cell that will not be changed too easily. Usually one
that dosn't require specialist media will be OK EG. BHK21. 3T3 etc.

> Does anyone has any ideas how I can test the stickiness (adherence forces)
> of the cells.

have a read at

 TITLE        Measuring cell adhesion.
 PUBL. INFO.  Chichester : J. Wiley, 1991.
 NOTE         "This book had its origin in a Council of Europe funded workshop
                held in Glasgow in 1987"
 SUBJECT      Cell adhesion.
 OTHER AUTH   Curtis, A. S. G. Adam Sebastian Genevieve, 1934-
              Lackie, J. M. John M.

One way not in the book to measure the adhesion is to relate cell number
adhered to the adhesive force, since the number of cells adhered will
"perhaps" be related to this. Personally I don't like this, but it should
give you a quick method of determining which samples to look at in greater
> Thanks
> Sofie

Bob; Sunny Scotland

PS usually you should curtail your posting to less than 5 groups. :-)

I dont mind but others might :-)

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