Jie-ru Egeria Lin rulin at
Wed Nov 15 16:26:36 EST 2000

I am highly interested in this indicaton!!
Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor... and psoriasis is ... increased
epidermal undifferentiated call proferation and inflammation of the
epidermis and dermis...
The traditional therapy are to dissolve keratin and to inhibit cell
division, such as antimitotic drugs, topical adrenal steroid, and folic acid
antagonist. Or Calcipotriol to inhibit cell proliferation and encourage cell
differentiation. Vitamin A, inhibits psoriatic hyperkeratosis.
I know that there are new therapies to inhibit protein tyrosine kinase and
protein kinase C. Could you explain the mechanism about your indicaion, and
by the way.... what is A-antagonist??
Is that adrenoceptor antagonist? I cannot find Cartazolat.. is that a kind
of cardiovascular drug?

Thank you.

Jie-ru Egeria Lin
Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania. .

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