How Scientists Cheat!

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Tue Nov 14 15:25:07 EST 2000

Dear Rogier,

It is actually only the 1979 paper that is relevant to this topic - the
other two are papers were on slightly different. I actually think they were
somewhat better.

I did consider including the text of the '79 paper in my site but I decided
not to.  The main
reason is the amount of maths it contains. I find that people are either put
off by the maths. or start overinterpreting its details.  I originally wrote
as a letter to the editor without any maths at all but a referee more of
insisted on the analysis. That expanded the letter into a paper but
it has little quantitative merit because of uncertainties that cannot be

I still feel the whole mechanism is better seen as a qualitative proposal
and when I wrote chapter 7, I stayed with those feelings.  Most people
recognise surf-riding as a familiar phenomenon, so much so that, at the
qualitative level, people do
not need a detailed explanation.  I refer to the original paper, of course,
but its text is not included because of this experience.

Yours Sincerely

John Hewitt

Rogier <rogier666 at> wrote in message
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> Hi John,
> the MTV generation doesn't read anything that's not online. Especially
> not if it's in hard-to-find copies of J Theor Biol from the 70s.
> From a quick medline search it looks like the relevant wavesurfing stuff
> is in
> Hewitt JA.Surf-riding model for cell capping.J Theor Biol. 1979 Sep
> 7;80(1):115-27. No abstract available.PMID: 575663; UI: 80186215
> Hewitt JA.Diffusion gradients, membrane receptors, and the acquistion of
> orientational information by cells.J Theor Biol. 1978 Sep
> 21;74(2):297-306. No abstract available.PMID: 713578; UI: 79051727
> Hewitt JA.On the influence of polyvalent ligands on membrane curvature.J
> Theor Biol. 1977 Feb 7;64(3):455-72. No abstract available.PMID: 839816;
> UI: 77122405
> so maybe you can put them on your site?
> --
> Rogier Stuger
> Dept MicFizz, Free U of A
> E rogier AT biogate DOT com (spammers will be killed)
> do NOT use the address. I never read that one
> > This posting is to introduce readers to my web site
> >  "A Habit of Lies - How
> Scientists
> > Cheat."  Besides its particular field, the work is essentially about
> > establishment censorship and self-interest in science.
> >
> > The scientists in question include include some very senior figures.
> The
> > subject area is cell biology, particularly motility of eukaryotic
> cells.
> > This is a large field with implications for many areas of cell biology
> and
> > the biophysics of membranes but readers will realise that my work is
> not a
> > proestablishment document.
> >
> > I would very much welcome comments about the site itself, especially
> from
> > anyone who could, with authority, challenge my assertions.  The open
> > invitation to debate this issue remains and this group would be a very
> > suitable place for that debate
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