Who first identified the ribosome?

Richard Gordon gordonr at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Fri Nov 24 02:11:07 EST 2000

Dear Richard,
I did the first 3D reconstruction of ribosomes:

Bender, R., S. H. Bellman & R. Gordon (1970).  ART and the ribosome: 
A preliminary report on the three-dimensional structure of individual 
ribosomes determined by an Algebraic Reconstruction Technique.  J. 
Theor. Biol. 29, 483-488.

This was subsequently turned into a fine art by:

Dr. Joachim Frank
Ultrastructure Laboratory, State of New York Department of Health
Wadsworth Center, POB 509, Empire State Plaza
Albany NY 12201-0509, USA
Phone: (518) 474-7002, Fax: (518) 486-2191
E-mail: joachim at wadsworth.org (Joachim Frank)

whose papers on the subject may be found by a search of PubMed 
Best, -Dick Gordon

>I am an undergraduate currently trying to write an essay on the function
>an d mechanism of the ribosome. I am able to find a great deal of up to
>date research but very little on the history of the structure. Does
>anyone know who first identified the ribosome or anything about the
>early studies carried out on it? Any refenrences would be greatly
>Thank you,


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