acidic protein transfer

Karen Dierksen dierksek at
Mon Oct 9 18:55:29 EST 2000

Try CAPS buffer: (3-[cyclohexlamino]-1-propanesulfonic acid)  pH11.0. You can
purchase through Sigma.

Prepare 10X CAPS:  22.13 g CAPS in 900 ml dH2O. pH to pH 11.0 using NaOH.  Bring
vol to 1 l.  Store at room temp.

For 1X (per liter) :  100 ml 10X CAPS
                                200 ml methanol
                                700 ml dH2O

I can't find the reference but should be easy to search.    Karen

"Andrej.Michalik" wrote:

> Dear Netters,
> I am looking for a protocol (or buffer composition) for acidic transfer of
> proteins. The one I am looking at has pI of 9.8, thus not having much
> reason to head towards the anode in pH8.3. The other possibility seems to
> be to sandwich the gel between two membranes, but I'd prefer having the
> markers and the protein on one single membrane.
> Thanx.
> Andrej
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