Stem Cell Research Poll

Steve Brock stevo at
Tue Oct 10 15:33:53 EST 2000

Stem cells from human embros, ever since they were first isolated two years
ago, have been touted as a potential medical miracle. Parkinson's disease,
Diabetes, Alzheimer's and spinal-cord injury are among the devastating
maladies thatmight be treated by turning these versatile cells into healthy
replacements for just about any damaged tissue.

But using embryos for anything besides making humans is morally repugnant to
many people. Congress prohibits any federal funding of research on fetal
tissue. That may change.

Government-funded scientists may be allowed to use early-stage embryos left
over from in-vitro fertilizations to learn and control how stem cells turn
into specific kinds of tissues. They can uses the fetal tissues if they are
harvested by private and not governmental firms.

A small number of stem cells are also in adult blood. And there's lots of
stem cells in umbilical cord and placenta blood. At present, research is
also being conducted on the viability of using these.

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Your vote can influence the way stem-cell research is performed.

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