Peter Kolodziej kolodzp at ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu
Sat Oct 14 08:06:49 EST 2000

Two postdoctoral positions are open in my laboratory at Vanderbilt
University Medical Center as of Dec. 1, 2000, and are funded for five
years.  We are currently studying how actin and microtubules are
coordinated by receptor action during neuronal and tracheal
morphogenesis and use Drosophila and mice as model systems.  We have
identified components of two key pathways that synergistically regulate
F-actin dynamics during axon extension; in the absence of both
components, essentially no axon extension occurs.  These discoveries
open up exciting directions for future research, and are likely to
provide excellent starting points for an independent career.  Qualified
candidates will have a strong graduate publication record, and evidence
of research abilities in genetics, biochemistry, and/or cell biology.
For further information, please contact Dr. Peter Kolodziej at
kolodzp at   Nashville is a pleasant, affordable,
moderately sized city and Vanderbilt boasts a strong interactive program
in developmental biology.


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