Request for voluntary assistance from SEC

RothW RothW at
Fri Oct 20 19:35:32 EST 2000

     I came across your website.  I seek your voluntary assistance 
     regarding a matter of interest to the United States Securities and 
     Exchange Commission.  Your cooperation would be entirely voluntary.  
     You have the right to refuse without ramification or to have an 
     attorney represent you when dealing with the SEC.  I am enclosing SEC 
     Form 1662, which further describes the nature of this request and the 
     uses to which the SEC puts information gathered from the public.  Your 
     assistance would be most appreciated.  Please send me a name and a 
     number to reach you.  I look forward to talking with you.
     Bud Roth
     Office of Internet Enforcement
     United States Securities and Exchange Commission
     450 Fifth Street, NW
     Washiington, DC 20549
     TEL (202) 942-7283
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