more on sodium butyrate (plasmid effects)

Peter O'Brien obrien at
Sat Oct 21 00:02:28 EST 2000

Hey now!

I've been trying to find a decent review on the mechanism of episomal
plasmid replication (esp. SV40 ori-containing plasmids), especially the
regulation of copy number in cells like COS or HEK293.  I guess I could
spend alot of time reading the virology literature to put it together
myself, but I would really appreciate your recommendations on good articles.

One question in particular has bugged me for awhile: I was under the
impression that sodium butyrate-induced increases in transcription come from
its effects on HDAC.  Is this correct?  If so, does this mean that a 5-9kb
plasmid is somehow associated with histones?



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