Advice needed - coating for fragile glassware

M. Hertel hippocampus at
Wed Sep 6 14:28:50 EST 2000

David Carr wrote:
> We are having a butterfingers problem in our lab and I am seeking some
> advice.  I am trying to find out if there is some product (e.g. plastic,
> resin) that we can use to coat the outside of some of our more delicate (and
> expensive) glassware to prevent or reduce the amount of breakage we have
> been experiencing.
> Something commercially available would be preferable, but I'm open to almost
> anything.
> Thanks for any assistance you can provide
> Dr. David Carr
> Department of Physiology
> Northwestern University

Hello David,
If it must not be especially resistant to anything (heat, chemicals) You
can find a kind of rubber paint in do-it-yourself-stores, its normally
used to coat hammer shafts or handles of pliers (should at least be
resistant to oil, used on tools?) It produces a 1-2 mm thick film of
rubber like plastic. Don t know if it works on glass lab ware, but maybe
it s a hint to follow up^Å
Institute of cell biology
ETH Zurich

Paul J. Franklin (moderator -
Georgia State University <chepjf at>
Atlanta, GA

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