Down with the NWO Campaign

coryrockwell at coryrockwell at
Thu Sep 7 20:07:39 EST 2000

Hi, I surfed on your website at 

and was just wondering if you would be willing to participate in the 

"Down with the NWO (New World Order)" campaign.

The campaign is being rallied by these websites

All that you have to do to participate is go to one of these sites, and simply click the 

"Down with the NWO" link.

or following this link>>>>>>>>

On the page is a link to the remonstrance form, where you can add your site to the campaign
or electronically sign the remonstrance. Alternately, if you would prefer not to sign the remonstrance
we are providing a "counter" only page, where you can stop by and visit, adding a hit to the Anti-NWO campaign.

There are no banners or marketing schemes on these pages! This is all about awareness.

Webmasters will benefit by having their sites added to the member sites list,
which will increase traffic and awareness of the New World Order and ways to stop it.

As an added bonus! Anyone who signs the electronic Remonstrance and refers 2 friends
will be automatically entered to win $10,000 dollars.

Your support is greatly appreciated and remember, YOU can make the difference, increase awareness and
have a chance to win Ten Thousand Dollars.

(Note: we are not supplying the $10,000 dollars! It is being offered by,
if we had the $10,000 dollars, you can be assured it would go to stop the NWO!)

Thanx for your consideration

Note: This is not SPAM!!. Your email was found at this address

Please do not reply to this message asking to be removed from a "mailing list"
because there is none. Plus, this is better than multi-marketing emails right?

If you received this email more than once, I apologize. 
Due to the fact that we are searching many sites, 
it may happen that 2 of the organizers find the same site and accidentally email them twice.

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