How Scientists Cheat

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Tue Sep 12 05:09:55 EST 2000

Hi John,
a couple of months ago I've been to your site and read part of the
story. Not all of it. It's a bit long, and the summary doesn't really
tell what it's all about.
Only after sampling (and skipping most of) a long intro on
philosophy/ethics/etc. I figured out it's about people not digging a
competing theory on cell capping in addition to the 2 prevailing ones.
Why not describe your wave model at the beginning of chapter 1, instead
of in chapter 7 (!) ?
>From your story I can't judge if the model makes sense. The cartoons
look nice, but why not put a real scientific manuscript on the web. You
know, abstract, short intro, results, discussion, materials and methods.
This way people can see for themselves if the model on your site makes
sense, as opposed to being a site made by someone with too much time and
frustration over a few rejected manuscripts.
There's thousands of potential referees reading this discussion board.
Use that to your advantage!
Good luck,
Rogier Stuger
Dept MicFizz, Free U of A
E rogier AT biogate DOT com (spammers will be killed)
do NOT use the address. I never read that one

ps: asking for copies of replies by email is not done in a group like
this one. If you post a message here, it's only reasonable that you
check for replies at the same place where you posted your original

> Thank you for your short response which you did not copy to me by
E-mail.  I
> will presume that you have not, yourself, taken a look at my site
>  "A Habit of Lies - How
> Cheat." and that you do not understand the issues it raises.  Although
> do not understand them, they are real issues with substantial
> for cell biology.  I would have liked a rational debate about them
with the
> people concerned but I have not been able to elicit one.
> Failing that debate, I am trying to raise general awareness of the
> that has gone on in this field.  One of my methods is to make postings
> relevant newsgroups but, since the readership of such groups changes
> time, I think it reasonable to return, after an interval, in order to
give a
> new readership the opportunity to look at my work and to understand
> issues.
> I last posted to BIONET cell biol. two months ago, which seems to me a
> reasonable interval.  While I am sorry you object to my activities, I
do not
> think you presented any sensible reason for doing so and I do not
> my postings to be spam - whatever that may mean.
> Sincerely
> John Hewitt
> Rogier <rogier666 at> wrote in message
> news:8pavqi$rlf$1 at
> > I've seen this post so often in various newsgroup that it we can
call it
> > spam.
> > Rogier
> >
> > In article <cPTt5.6169$vo6.83328 at>,
> >   "John Hewitt" <john.hewitt1 at> wrote:
> > > This posting is to introduce readers to my web site
> > >  "A Habit of Lies - How
> > Scientists
> > > Cheat."
> > >
> > > The scientists in question include include some very senior
> > The
> > > subject area is cell biology, particularly motility of eukaryotic
> > cells.
> > > This is a large field with implications for many areas of cell
> > but
> > > readers will realise that my work is not a proestablishment
> > >
> > > Should readers know other newsgroups or media, which might have a
> > suitable
> > > audience, do please tell me about it.
> > >
> > > I would very much welcome comments about the site itself,
> > from
> > > anyone
> > > who could, with authority, challenge my assertions, but I will not
> > > routinely browsing this discussion group.  If you post a response,
> > please
> > > copy your comments to me by E-mail, mentioning the group.  That
> > you
> > > will be sure I will read it and can reply to you.
> > > Sincerely Yours
> > > John Hewitt

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