Definition of a cellular signal

Vladimir Matveev vm_spb at
Tue Sep 19 02:45:05 EST 2000

Unless the change of physical parameters of a cell can not be a signal?
Every substance released can play a role of signal? By the way, it
seems to me, that you have replaced a "signal" with the "information".
One concept is replaced with another.


In article <39C6C87C.5A37C801 at>,
  Kenneth Sowinski <helix at> wrote:
> cell signalling can be defined as a release of substances by one cell
> that transmits information to other cells.
> - Kenneth
> Vladimir Matveev wrote:
> > Everybody in cell biology speak now about cellular SIGNALs. But who
> > knows the DEFINITION of a signal? Who given the definition? Where it
> > was published? Please, help me find the definition in the
> > Thank everybody in advance.
> >
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