Req: Please identify this substance !

davedonuts davedonuts at
Sun Sep 24 06:09:27 EST 2000

I'm an anesthetist from the UK. Following a problem with a piece of
apparatus attatched to the patient's breathing system, I took a sample
and got the hospital lab to run it through a mass spectrometer to check
for contaminants. A peak was found of:

1,2 Benzenedicarboxylic Acid, diisooctyl ester

I can't find any information about this substance. I suspect it may be a
component of:
a) lung surfactant or
b) mucus from the patients lungs

Could I be correct ?

I'd be very grateful if you could e mail me
<davedonuts at> with any information regarding this compound.

Many thanks in anticipation

David Williams FRCA


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