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I looked in my biochemistry textbook, but I couldn't find anything really
specific on glycosylation reactions.  However, I'm guessing that the protein
may bind to the UDP constituent of UDP-glucose, phosphorylate UDP-glucose to
release glucose and produce UTP, and then the Arg residue probably binds the
glucose via N-glycosylation.  I'm not sure of this, but I think it might be
a start.  Also, since many glycosylated proteins bear oligosaccaride, this
may be a repeating chain reaction, but I do not have any idea how the
reaction would be terminated.

Again, this is just an educated guess so let me know if this helps,
preferable by email.

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Dear All,

    Anybody has an idea what the chemistry of following reaction would be?:

The glycosylation of an Arginine amino acid with the glucose from

    I have a protein that can bind UDP-glucose and glycosylate itself at an
Arginine and I am trying to figure out how this can take place.

    Any ideas or a source of information regarding this question is


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