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Mon Apr 9 23:21:42 EST 2001

Dear Friend

You now have the opportunity to enroll FOR FREE in a new online
community that PAYS YOU TO BE A MEMBER.

It is a full service ISP, Internet Gateway, Search Engine/Directory,
Shopping Mall, Virtual Office, and just about anything else you can
think of, all rolled into one easy-to-use site. You will get your own email
account, mailroom, marketing center and they will provide you with Internet
tools that you never even dreamed existed.
You'll have access to anything AND everything that the Internet has to
You'll OWN it, and the revenue that is generated from EVERY feature
will be paid to YOU!

What most Internet users don't realize is that from the moment that
you log on to the moment you log off, you are generating a good deal
of cash for someone else. Even if you do not buy or fill out anything!
Your membership in this company, will change your view of the Internet
forever by enabling you to profit from it whether you are online or not

They plan on advertising once they are online in April,
We're talking T.V., Radio, Billboards, Newspaper, and
magazines. They will be blasting it EVERYWHERE which
will include internationally.

If you had a chance to be in at the beginning of America On
Line and the chance to buy into the company you would
have made a HUGE amount of money. Well, here is your
chance to get in on the ground floor and it will cost you
nothing!!!! They are still in what is considered the "prelaunch"!

For more information, send a blank e-mail to: (click on link)
<mailto:gr8opp at>
Please be sure ' PleaseSendInfo' appears in Subject line.

It is free to join.

If you are interested in their affiliate program where you
will earn even more money, the cost is a ONE TIME fee of ONLY $25 to

My Warmest regards,

Jeremy Hayes

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