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Wed Apr 25 12:39:02 EST 2001

In Plant Proteomics/Plant Cell Wall Biology

Department of Plant Biology
Cornell University

A postdoctoral research associate position is available to help develop a 
new NSF-funded project, utilizing functional genomics approaches to study 
plant cell walls. The project involves the application of proteomics to 
characterize and map cell wall protein populations, using tomato fruit 
development as a model system. The position will also involve working 
closely with other tomato genomics-related initiatives at Cornell, 
including microarray analyses and the mapping of cell wall genes.

The plant cell wall is a fundamental determinant of cell expansion and 
differentiation and yet the enzymatic bases of its synthesis, assembly and 
reorganization during growth and development remain poorly characterized. 
The candidate will be expected to help develop a systematic approach to the 
characterization of the protein complement of the cell wall, or cell wall 
sub-proteome, during tomato fruit development. This will provide important 
insight into processes accompanying cell wall modification during fruit 
expansion and ripening. Broad questions to be addressed include:
1) What are the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the protein 
populations present in the tomato fruit cell wall and how do those 
characteristics change during fruit ontogeny?
2) How do the patterns of apoplastic protein expression differ between wild 
type and non-softening mutant fruit?

The position is funded for up to three years.

Experience in mass spectrometry would be particularly advantageous. A PhD 
in biochemistry, molecular biology, or a related discipline is required and.

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and names and contact information 
of three references to Dr. Jocelyn Rose, 214 Plant Science Building, 
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. 14853. USA. Telephone: 607-255 4781; 
Fax: 607-255 5407; e-mail: jr286 at

Cornell University is an equal opportunity employer.

Dr. Jocelyn Rose
Department of Plant Biology
214 Plant Science Building
Cornell University
New York 14853

Tel: 607-255 4781
Fax: 607-255 5407
E-mail: jr286 at

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