Natural Product Extracts for Drug Screening from Indonesia

Sok Hong Kho skho at
Wed Aug 8 03:28:21 EST 2001

Dear natural product scientists,
We are a company from Indonesia. Our company was established in 1995 and we are specialising in isolation,purification, identification and fermantation of  tropical actinomycetes/streptomycetes and fungi. We also suppply plant extracts.Indonesia, an archipelago of 16,000 islands provide a great source of diverse microorganisms and plants and since our establishemnt  we have been supplying our microbial extracts and plant extracts to major pharmaceutical companies worldwide for drug screening. We provide qualitiy extracts and strains at very reasonable price. You can check us out at or write to us at skho at or recombination9 at 

Sok-Hong Kho (PhD)
P.T. Bio-leads Indonesia
Your partner in Natural Product Screening   
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