Direct Investment in Private Placements of Equity Securities. infoc at
Thu Dec 27 07:26:44 EST 2001

The average investor very rarely is invited to participate in Private 
Placements of securities, although many qualify as "Accredited 
Investors" these types of investments are generally reserved by 
Investment Banks for their best Institutional and a small group of 
High Net Worth Clients. There are many reasons for this including 
their inherent risk but their potential for significant returns is 
usually the main reason that they are not usually available to the 
average investor.

To create better distribution to the investing public M. H. 
Meyerson & Co., Inc. has recently retained a unique software 
company that has developed an online system specifically 
designed for the qualification, review and purchase of Private 
Placement investments. This newly developed site is easy to use, 
provides information on the guidelines for Accredited Investors 
and permits investors that qualify to view our current offerings.

Would you like to know if you qualify as an accredited Investor?
It is easier than you think. 

You may be surprised at the standards. 

Attached to this email is a link to our Equity Offerings page on our 
main site. You can register with us and use our Customer 
Questionnaire to see if you Qualify as an Accredited Investor. 
Even if you don't qualify M. H. Meyerson will send Information to 
registered users regarding future IPO's as they become available.
So Click on the Link and join our investor community.

P.S. If you do not register on our site you will receive no further 
email or communication from M. H. Meyerson & Co., Inc.



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