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> >  What is best textbook to learn molecular biology/cell
> > biology/molecular genetics?  When the first couple of editions of
> > Molecular Biology of the Gene came out years ago, I was up on the stuff
> > and now I'd like to catch up again.  Please email me. Thanks.
> depends on whether you want techniques or info on the subject.
> My 2p worth. (at a reasonable cost)
> techniques.
> Cellis Cell Biology
> Molbiol get "short protocols in mol biol.
> genetics: get a greenhouse and some sweet peas :-) IE I don't know.
> Textbooks
> CB/MB:  Alberts etc MBOTC
> genetics: Russel
> These wil be about 100ukp fot the lot.
> generally you could get these second hand. For up to date stuff get a
> journal like the "TRENDS" series or bioessays or Annual reviews fromm the
> Library.
> Cheers
> Bob

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