Performance and quality human epidermal growth factor recombinant (EGF)

Platini Kwok platinik at
Wed Feb 7 22:52:12 EST 2001

Dear all,

I know that there is a common method for the Performance of human epidermal
growth factor recombinant (EGF) by means of thymidine (3H) incorporation in
to Balb/c 3T3 cells. For quality test, SDS page can be used.

Do anyone know that there is better method? Because no one like to do
radioactive experiment although it is a reliable and sensitive method.

My opinion is that the performance test can be replaced by the uptake of
BrdU and then use immunodetection. Or Immunodetection of PCNA. Are they
reliable method to act as a quality control?

For the purity test. Any method is faster and with comparable reliable
result as SDS page?

Please give me opinions. My email address is platinik at

Thanks a lot!


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