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Kenrick E. Cleveland kenrick at
Wed Jan 3 18:03:41 EST 2001


In recent stepped up action to police the net for illegal sales of my material, I ran accross a reference to me and my material at your site. The reference is copied below for your convenience.

The only exposure I have had to Bubba Catts is when he stole an old site of mine to hide his spam nonsense behind.

I took immediate action and had every ISP he was working with (and using my stolen site) take him down. I attempted to file police charges as well, but they didn't seem interested in taking the case.

In any event, while I'm more than happy to have you go after spammers, please remove reference to me and my products.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Kenrick E. Cleveland

P.S. I just found a second reference to me on your site as well. Geez, I guess this Bubba Catts guy is a total pain. In any event, please remove references to me. Thank you.

One of his spammed products is the bizarre Kenrick E. Cleveland "self-help" course. He also seems to work with him in spamming.

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