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  | Please proceed if you |

  | are not happy with your:|

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 | Income!|

 | Job/Career!|

 |Daily Commute!|

 |Time Away From Your Family!|

 |Kids Being Raised By Someone Else!|

Please read this message to its fullest!  I urge you to make a sound decision upon reading this message.  First of all, this is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is a sound, reliable and viable business.  Last year 72% of bankruptcies could have been saved by an extra $200 a month.

I urge you to take a good look at your saving account along with the time you spend away from home, family and your friends and what you have been doing for the last 10 years.  If it isn't a good picture, then we all know that for things to change WE have to change.
Now what I would like for you to do is picture the next 10 years and ask yourself, "Can you continue doing what you are currently doing and be happy?"  We all know that money isn't everything, but it does help, and so does time, freedom and flexibility.  If this is not for you, then I urge you to please pass this message on to someone who might need an extra  $500 to $1500 part time without having a second job.  

Someone cared about me enough to tell me about it and I am very grateful.

		Do you feel like you are too busy earning a living to make any real 
		money?  Are you tired of living "paycheck to paycheck" like I was?
		Do you dream of a better lifestyle for yourself and your family?
		If so, then I urge you to take the next step in our screening process to
		find out what we're doing.  I guarantee it will change	
		your life forever, just as it has for so many others.  We are the work from			home business.  The only one with a complete start to finish system.

We are offering you a simple easy method where you can make money working for yourself from the comfort of your home part time for income without having a second job.  Part time people are earning $500 to $1500 a month while full time people are earning over $2000 to $7000 per month working around their family's schedule.

Our system works regardless of your background.  We provide the system, experience and hands on training.  The only thing that we cannot give you, but is required, is that you, number one, have the desire and number two, is that you are teachable.  We know that you have some level of desire because you are reading this letter.  Ask yourself if you are teachable.  

		Everyone involved in our business had three things in common when
		they got started:

1)  They saw an opportunity

2)  They were teachable

3)  They applied what they learned.

It's THAT simple.

And it's THAT powerful.


Now imagine just for a moment that you had a home-based business that provided...

*Spending more time with your family

*Unlimited income based on YOUR efforts

*Freedom from commuting

*Not having your kids in day care

*Affordable health care for your family

*Significantly helping others with their lives

*Loving what you do and doing what you love

*Having your own business - being your own boss.

		Sounds too good to be true?  That's what we thought but today
		our dreams are coming true and now we're here to help you,
		like others have helped us!


We'd like to get right to the point... so here is what we have to offer you:

1)  A well established, financially stable company

2)  Billion dollar + sales/publicly traded

3)  Patented, exclusive, high demand products

4)  Comprehensive, high-tech in home training

5)  Phenomenal support system

6)  Worldwide income opportunities

7)  Exotic paid vacations

8)  Minimal start up investment

         (o o)


			GREAT!     That's fine... as long as you're serious!
			Because our business is bursting at the seams, we ONLY
			have time to work with serious, motivated people who 
			are ready to make changes in their life NOW!  And because
			of the time we spend with each of you as we help you get
			your business of the ground, we have limited number of
			openings available.

Here is what you need to do:

STEP 1:  You must call our toll free "Work From Home" hotline and listen to some of the members of our team talk about the success of their new home based businesses.  This is part of our job - to introduce you to many others who took a step of faith (like you're ready to) and whose lives have changed because of it.

Call 1-800-708 - RICH and enter Access Code  8080

This 10 minute call is a  24 hour, toll free recording that won't cost you a single penny!

CAUTION!  This Access Code expires on

Friday, January 26th,  2001

(so call right now!)







Step 2  Call our 24-hour hotline at 206-888-6168  to get started.  Since we are working from home with our business, we have put together a decision package.  You will decide whether our business is for you or not.  The decision package contains approximately three hours of information about our home based business and begins your training.  You will receive a manual that explains how, why and what we are doing; a video where you will see exactly how our business works and an audiotape to further help you with your decision.  Your package also contains the name and telephone number of your personal mentor or coach who will be working with you on a daily basis, helping you make money in your first week.  The package enables you to review information about the business and begin your training without risk

This eliminates the people that are not serious and allows us to work with those of you who are.

Now, we don't mean to offend anyone... but here is a list of Common, Pitiful Excuses we have heard as to why this program just COULDN'T work for him or her.  You want to see them... Okay... but don't get mad!

1)  It's too good to be true.

2)  It HAS to be a scam.

3)  There HAS to be a catch.

4)  It must be a lie.

5)  This could NEVER happen to me.

6)  I'm not good enough.

7)  I'm not smart enough.

8)  I'm too young.

9)  I'm too old.

10)  I'm too ugly (we just threw this in!)

Okay... see how ridiculous it sounds?  But we can relate... because at some point, we thought them too. 

We are obligated to tell you that your...








This business will groom you to improve yourself with...

more money, more time, more excitement about life...

and more reasons to look forward to your future!

So... are you going to make EXCUSES?

Or... are you going to make CHANGES?

It's your choice.   

BUT... remember what the people in our business have in common?

1)  They saw an opportunity.

2)  They were teachable.

3)  They applied what they learned.

Do you fit the profile?  Are we talking about YOU?  Someone very wise told us something we've never forgotten...

Successful people do what

Unsuccessful people won't.

Which are you?

What if this really IS the opportunity you've been looking for?

What do you have to lose by thoroughly checking it out before making a decision that it's not for you?


If you're still interested, then take the steps

listed above.


And remember... knowledge ISN'T power.  ACTION IS!!  

I look forward to helping you get started with your new home business, and talking with you very soon!  And don't forget... opportunity is usually disguised behind what most of us call HARD WORK!!!

"When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you will find a
way to get it."  Jim Rohn. 	

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