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> FYI:  Recently picked as an Editor's 4 star pick by ZDNet:
> "Don't worry about misspelling biological terms -- get Wesley's Medical Life
> Science Spell Check, a set of add-on spelling dictionaries for Microsoft
> Word. After installation, a colorful Word document walks you through the
> process of adding the new dictionaries. This trial version (which may be
> used indefinitely) contains 50,000 words that begin with the letters "B"
> through "L" in fields of anatomy, bacteriology, biochemistry, biology,
> botany, cell biology, chemistry, developmental biology, ecology,
> endocrinology, engineering, entomology, enzymology, evolution, forestry,
> fungi, genetics, histology, immunology, invertebrate zoology, microbiology,
> molecular biology, mycology, nutrition, paleontology, physiology, plant
> pathology, systematics, toxicology, vertebrate zoology, virology, zoology,
> cardiology, hematology, medicine, neurology, oncology, pathology,
> pharmacology, physics, radiology, surgery, and veterinary medicine. You'll
> also find FDA-approved drugs through 2000, medical devices, surgical
> procedures, pharmaceutical companies, and more. The full version promises
> 175,000 total words."
> Find us at :

Is the agreed sci terms or is it english or "american english" IE folk
that can't spell. :-))))

I feel a flame coming on. :-) 

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