MS OFFICE 2000 PRO clearance $165 !! Time:2:32:37 PM

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Sun Jul 1 17:05:34 EST 2001

$165 each!! -- MS OFFICE 2000 PRO FULL EDITION 
(CD and key #, paper license and registration card retail box, COA or manual) for only $165 each!! 

15 yr NW PC Distributor  is lowering inventories for the summer -- 
LOW prices!! Limited Quantities. Wait and stock will be gone.

MS OFFICE is a 'suite' of software and includes: 
      MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS Powerpoint and Publisher -- any ONE of which could cost you more than this price.

(THIS IS THE FULL SUITE!!  NOT AN UPGRADE, or a trial/demo or academic software, but the same software you would get in the full retail product.) 

Compare with Ingram Micro or any of the Online suppliers who's prices are as high as $599.99 !!  

ONLY VISA/MC accepted (sorry, NO AMEX) .  Shipping costs are $6 per order, regardless of quantity.  
YOU MUST call  (503) 469-0147 ( from 9AM to 4PM Pacific time) and ask for "Uncle" Dave.  Or, you may email questions to:
sales1 at

(We do NOT have an order page on our site--we believe in personal service. Imagine, in this day and age.)

If you are interested in other Microsoft software or Operating systems 
(W98SE, W2000PRO, NT server & workstation, MS Project,etc) 
we also have these at wholesale prices, including some Client Access Licenses.  
Thanks.  Uncle Dave.  Here is our website if you want to look at other specials:

Click the link off of our front page for "Current System Specials" to see a more extended list of software and hardware or email us at:

sales1 at


1)How can it be so cheap?
It is sourced from one of the biggest PC manufacturers, who discounts overstock through brokers.  

2)What are the differences from the product I can buy at Office Max or any other number of retailers?
There is no difference in the software.  There is no retail box, no worthless manual, just the 2 CD set 
with keycode for installing, a registration card, and a paper license.

3) Is it legitimate? 
Yes. Check the hologram on the hub of the CD's. This is the real, legitimate MS product. You can register it with Microsoft.  We have sold these forms of MS office with systems for years.

Microsoft "creates" this market by using quotas to sell product to its larger customers.  
This in turn creates the channel where brokers buy and resell the product to wholesalers like Horizon.  
Horizon makes no representation as to what Microsoft considers appropriate or legal. 
Horizon has no agreements with Microsoft.  Those who purchased this software directly from Microsoft may have violated ther agreements with Microsoft.

4) Is there a price for quantity?  How can I purchase without a VISA/MC?
The price is the same for any quantity.  Limits of quantity may be imposed to service our regular customers. ONLY visa/mc or prepaid CASHIER'S check.

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