Tissue culture flasks question

Peter Dudek peterd at primeachip.com
Wed Jul 4 03:27:00 EST 2001


Here's a scheme I picked up a while ago:

T12.5:       4 - 5 mL
T25:          8 - 9 mL
T75:          20 - 30 mL
T150:        40 - 50 mL
T175:        45 - 55 mL
T300:        150 - 400 mL

Hope this helps.

>From an ex-UBCer,

"Donald Wong" <dcwong at interchange.ubc.ca> wrote in message
news:9ht6ea$o8g$1 at nntp.itservices.ubc.ca...
> Can anyone let me know the minimal and maximal volume possible for
> different tissue culture flasks (T12.5, T25, T75, T150, T175, T300,
> etc). We have cells that need to be suspended at a certain concentration
> (eg. 500,000/ml) for culturing. So, when I purify the cells, I get a
> certain number of cells and I would have to suspend them in different
> volumes of media each time and would need to figure out what size flask I
> can put that volume of media in. Say, I have 2ml of cells or 100ml of
> cells or something in between, I would like to find our what size flask to
> use. I would appreciate it if anyone can give me this information. Thanks!
> Donald Wong
> Pathology, The Univ of B.C.

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