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I am sorry if this message reaches you accidentally, it is only intended 
for persons who have agreed to have their names on the purchased mailing Iists that I paid for recently on the net. If your name has been added illegaly please send me a remove notice so that I can delete your email address from my lists, thank you for your help

My name is Robert Sanucci and I would like to share a genuine, NO RISK opportunity with you. Skeptical already,Good!!
Unlike other internet opportunities that you might have seen, what I have to share with you invites close scrutiny - even with a skeptical eye. It is first and foremost a CONSUMER OPPORTUNITY. 
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Besides this, it also offers a unique and innovative networking program using a principle we call "REFERNET" Marketing. No hyped "pie in the sky" program or "get rich quick" scheme, but rather a credible and realistic way to save money and gradually develop what can become a large, recurring residual income. 
The best thing about this opportunity? You can "try it before you buy it". That's right. You 
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To learn more about the DHS Club and our exciting REFERNET Marketing Program and Postlaunch, visit my web page at 

Remember, you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain!

Best regards
Robert Sanucci


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