30% Discount On Fedeal Law Book

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Sat Jul 14 17:07:37 EST 2001

Federal Employment Laws Got You Down?

Is there one source that contains a quick reference guide to Federal 
Employment Laws?

** Answer the following questions to find out how nice it would be to have 
federal laws in one guidebook**

1.Would you like to know the federal employment laws that pertain to your 
specific business?	     

2.Would you like to have one book, which contained the following federal 
employment laws; ADA, FLSA, ERISA, OSHA, USERRA, and the NLRA?
3. Would you like one reference source containing federal record retention 
requirements for employee files and other employment related records, which 
pertain to your business?		     

4. Would you like more help with the Fair Labor Standards Act?	     

5. Would you like 34 laws in one reference book?				     

If you answered yes to any of these questions ****

You need the "Employers Quick Reference Guide to Federal Employment Law"

This reference guide covers 34 Federal laws with over 150 pages of valuable 
information outlining the following information;

Federal Employment Laws based on Employer Size
Federal law, so that you can understand your compliance requirements
Record retention requirements for federal forms and employee files
Federal posting requirements

Don't wait until you receive a fine from the Federal Government, or need an 
attorney to defend your case against an employee complaint. Purchase your 
copy of this "risk avoidance guide" for only $29.95 + shipping/handling. 

If you call and order your book today or before July 21st you will receive 
our Internet special and the cost of the book will be $19.95 + 
shipping/handling. This book is a must for your Business library, at only 

Order online at www.osnsolutions.com or call toll free Organizational 
Solutions Network 1-800-867-9176

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