Cellular regeneration/Electrical phenomena

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Dear Paul,
"Can some one enlighten me??" No. Electrical phenomena in 
embryogenesis and regeneration abound, but few people make the effort 
to observe them, and satisfactory explanations of their role(s) are 
lacking.. If we had a way to visualize these fields as easily as we 
visualize photons by light microscopy, greater progress might be made.

I've summarized most of the observations  in embryos, and discussed a 
few other cases, in The Hierarchical Genome (url below). Perhaps 
you'd like to work on this outstanding problem?
Dick Gordon

>Hi all.
>     Could someone explain to me what happens when:-
>The tail comes away from a slow-worm. It grows back. When it grows back it
>has been found that the cells have a increased voltage around the area of
>the regeneration.
>     What is happening here?
>Has anyone tried to repeat the effects , increasing the voltage of the cells
>in a area, of an animal that has not got this ability? does a limb ? grow
>Can some one enlighten me??


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