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250,000 lives saved so far, and that's just a drop in the bucket. 
Scientists have discovered that at least 10,000 years ago the human body stopped manufacturing ascorbates. O the thousands of species of animals on earth, four don't produce their own ascorbates and humans are one of the four. 
That's the bad news. Every human being inherits that gene susceptibility to heart disease. The good news is that scientists have also discovered how to correct the condition, and prevent needless suffering from heart attacks, and strokes. 
This is what happens. Without ascorbates, tiny microscopic cracks occur in the artery walls. The body manufactures a gooy paste called lipoprotein (a), and fills the cracks. The more, and larger the cracks, through time, the more and thicker the patches or plaque, and the smaller the opening in the arteries causing high blood pressure, angina, heart attacks, strokes, etc. 
When you give the body the correct formulation of ascorbates, the amino acids, it heals the cracks, dissolves the plaque, and eliminates the problems. 
250,000 lives saved is nothing. There are millions more to save. 
We need help in this effort and we'll pay you if you will assist us. We will build a business for you--no charge. When it starts earning a profit, you take it over and run it. Whether you are 18 or 80, whether you have as little as an hour a week to work at it, whether you are willing to earn a few hundred dollars a month or several thousands, we need your help. 
An article in this morning's paper was about an 18 year old boy who died of a heart attack. Not a drug addict, an athlete on a college scholarship. A plethora of baby boomers preparing to enjoy retirement died also--all needless deaths. If a humanitarian effort appeals to you, and you don't mind being paid for it, please join our team...We need You! 

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