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Benno ter Kuile b.terkuile at
Mon Mar 5 09:30:22 EST 2001

	Dear Martin,

				 I am not so sure that the undiscovering was not 
deliberate. Editors are known to make this kind of "mistakes" when 
they suspect personality problems. Unless you can "prove" that 
this reviewer was unlikely to be objective, I think the best course of 
action is to completely ignore the fact you know his identity.

	As in all dealings with manuscripts, the best tone as 
busisnesslike as possible. Ignore any potential personal issues, 
but respond precisely to the comments. Start by saying you 
appreciate the constructive comments of the second reviewer, but 
that those of the first "confuse" you. "Confuse" is the generally 
accepted buzzword. Then explain item by item what you think. 
Statements like "we rewrote this paragraph, but may be not 
exactly as the reviewer intended" are very effective as well. As 
someone who often publishes unusual papers I have build up a 
large repertoire of such responses. When editors realise you take 
them seriously and that you aim at getting a good paper out, rather 
than doing anything to see your name in print, they give you some 

Hope this helps,


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