Which spinner flasks to buy???

Anthea Scothern anthea.scothern at umist.ac.uk
Tue Mar 6 12:37:19 EST 2001

> Does anyone have a suggestion regarding the best 1L spinner flasks for
> insect cell suspension cultures? We're currently using Kontes brand.  I
> think that they are the most common kind... it has a glass axle from
> which the impeller is suspended. The glass protrudes through the cap.
> They're poorly constructed; the threads are stripping on the retainer
> for the glass rod.
> Any experiences / suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Devin

Hi Devin,

I use the Techne spinner flask system; the flasks have a steel ball inside a
glass rod which is suspended from the inside of the largest port lid.  The
flasks are robust enough to withstand repeated autoclaving, and I don't have
too many complaints, except about the price - a 1 litre flask is in the
region of £400!  I think these flasks are really designed to work with
Techne's stirring platforms though, so I don't know if they work as well on
other stirrers.
I read a post a few months back recommending Nalgene's polycarbonate vessels
as well - these are also reusable and the person using them was very pleased
with their performance.

Check out:

Happy shopping,

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