Mechanical Cell Properties

Ken Muldrew kmuldrew at
Wed Mar 14 13:03:21 EST 2001

"Timo Rademer" <tr at> wrote:

>I am a Student of mechanial engineering and work on the field of Bioeffects
>on cells.
>I need mechanical data about cell prpperties like stiffness and so on ....
>This is necessary to make estimations about killing threshold.
>If anyone have some ideas where I can look for have some data (especialy
>about red blood cells) about cell prperties (doesn't matters really what
>sort of cell it is ...)

There's an old CRC book about the mechanics of red cell membranes by
Evans and Skalak. Sorry I can't remember the exact title right now but
if you can't find it email me and I'll do some digging.

Ken Muldrew
kmuldrew at

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