Ion concentrations of cells

Carlos Santiago Herrero csh3 at
Thu Mar 22 06:11:12 EST 2001

You can learn about this in any cell biology book or physiology book. I know
two great ones:
>From Guyton, Medical Physiology. Saunders Editorial.
>From Alberts, Molecular biology of the cell. Don't know the editor.
In both is wonderfully explained and it'll be the best way.
Henri Rönkkö <henri.ronkko at> escribió en el mensaje de noticias
98eidf$9ok$1 at
> Eric wrote:
> > Na/K ATPase drives secondary active transport via an Na gradient.
> Oh, this is interesting. But could you tell me, what is ATPase, and what a
> secondary active transport? Or, would you give me some references?
> thanks,
> Henri

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