Problems with ATCC cells

Joanna joanksza at
Tue Nov 20 10:10:16 EST 2001

This summer we ordered and in the middle of July received 10 vials of
different cell
lines. Just after delivery they were put into liquid nitrogen. We couldn't
thaw them
earlier than at the and of September. We thawed two vials of leukemia cells 
MOLT-4. There was not a single viable cell. Than we thawed another vial of 
leukemia cell line HL-60 and the result was the same. Now we are thawing
next vial
and cells don't look any better. We suspect that something wrong must have 
happened during transport (although there was enough dry ice in the box) or
the cells weren't good before sending. It can't be a problem with storing
other cells which are stored in our liquid nitrogen are thawed correctly.
We are really curious did anybody experienced the same "disaster" as we and
did you do. Unfortunately the warranty period - 30 days after delivery -
passed and
we don't know if ATCC will consider our complaint.
Thank you for any information


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