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Mon Nov 26 13:50:02 EST 2001

I wanted to let you know about a great website.This is something you
need to take advantage of right away. Don't miss out on it.

It's a brand new program due to be launched in January, by a company
with success history that spans more than a decade. I'm sending you to
the Pre-launch website. For a limited time, it's allowing people to get
in FREE, so that you can secure a front position in a program that will
see thousands added during the following three months.

During pre-launch, you can sign up in what is known as a 5x10 forced
matrix. This means is that you will only be allowed to sign up 5 people
on your first level. All other people will be forced into to your
downline, creating MASSIVE spillover.

If you don't think you can give it your best shot right now, that's
okay, I understand. This may not be something for you. But if you DO
join me right now, rest assured you'll have a position at the very top
of something very big.

It's not often, an opportunity like this comes along. This WILL grow!
And being one of the five I've chosen will put you in the best possible
position. Everyone else will be pushed down to the next level.

The first step to our mutual success is visiting the website. As soon as
you do, let me know quickly if you going to be one of "my five."

Do it now.

If your not interested in a home based business you can sign up for more
information about insuring your pets.

vet insurance
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