"Is That True?"

guaranteedbiz2 at themail.com guaranteedbiz2 at themail.com
Tue Nov 27 06:59:42 EST 2001

Hi there, 

This is Kevin here.

I heard that you are looking for a way to double your
income working from home is that true? 
I've been teaching people how to achieve that for the last
10 years. 
You were referred to me as a person who at one time 
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Last month I introduced new people, just like you, and 
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Why am I so sure?...

Because I've got a Formula that works like a cookie cutter.
So simple that even my 12 year old niece could do it but 
the fact of the matter is she's not at legal age. 
Imagine yourself making residual income from home, from
behind your computer...  Did you know that the average home
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That means no boss anymore, no Monday morning blues, extra
vacations, extra money instead of lack of money, not having
to say "I can't afford it" to your kids, free time, and 
more importantly, the FREEDOM of being your own boss 
without the stress most corporate dude's have... 

If you can see yourself in that position, if you are still
serious, and you haven't given up on your self, then send
me an Email and I'll share this simple secret "How You Too
Can Capitalize On The Home Based Business Trend." 

Send an email to "guaranteedbiz2 at themail.com" 
and write: "Kevin, send me more info"
in the Subject Line together with your name in the body.
You will receive an Email with more information 

Note: Do NOT reply to this email. 
(And Please, ONLY email me if you are SERIOUS.)


If you act fast I'll let you test drive my formula 100%
FREE. That's how confident I am that you'll succeed. 
There's nothing to lose and a lot to gain. 

Send me an email to "guaranteedbiz2 at themail.com" 
and write: "Kevin, send me more info" 
in the Subject Line together with your name in the body.

If you received this message in error, I apologize. If you
wish to be removed, please send a blank email to 
"thesecrets_removal at themail.com" and put "Remove" in the 
subject line. Your request will be honored immediately. 
Thank you! And I wish you all the best with all your future
endeavours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
God Bless!


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