Stem cell technology evaluation

Molly Scott m.scott at
Wed Oct 10 09:36:25 EST 2001

The Science Advisory Board ( announces its new study on
stem cell research technologies.  This study aims to examine the types of
cells and methods used to conduct this exciting research.  It will focus on
both embryonic and adult stem cells from multiple organisms including human,
mouse and monkey.  The results of the study will be used to assess the
feasibility of developing a pluripotent culture medium that can support the
growth, maintenance and manipulation of undifferentiated stem cells, as well
as an approach to developing stem cells cultured as undifferentiated,
embryoid bodies, that would not require feeder cell support.  If you are
working with stem cells or plan to do so within the next 12 months and are
interested in participating in this study, please email Molly Scott at
m.scott at for more information.

Molly Scott
Membership Coordinator
The Science Advisory Board


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