Executive Contacts & Sales Leads

J Bolohan info at thefuturenet.ca
Fri Oct 12 03:17:32 EST 2001


We have a Data Base of Executive Contacts from various Industries in the US including 
Fortune 500 and 1,000 companies.  These are being used to effectively Network, 
in multiple Internet Marketing Campains, by various American companies from several 
vertical markets.  This list has the contact information for approx 50 executive 
positions including several CEO, VP, HR, etc. throught these companies. These 
lists can be used for your own career as well as distributed throught your company 
to Network with. These lists are an excellent source for contacting and introducing 
your company and or products to various other companies and their Executive personnel. 
 These lists can easily be a very valuable Networking or marketing tool for your 
company, especially if you are currently or planning to implement future Internet 
Marketing and Development Strategies.  
For more info on this or for a sample of the Data Base you can email us at info at thefuturenet.ca 

Here is the breakdown of the lists, the number represents how many contacts there 
are for the title mentioned.

1665 CEO
1040 CFO
146  CIO
551  COO
713  CTO
406  President
139  Chairman
46   Chief Architect
1069 VP Other
546  VP Marketing
164  VP Research and Dev
743  VP Sales
258  VP Sales and Marketing
51   VP Product Marketing
268  VP of HR
274  VP General Counsel
240  VP Finance
448  VP Business Dev
61   Vp Strategic Alliances
134  VP Strategy
55   VP Treasurer
22   VP Channel Dev
100  Vp Corp Communications
115  VP Corp Development
39   VP Network
300  Vp Professional Services
23   VP Public Relations
495  VP Operations
114  VP Administration
43   VP Investor Relations
47   VP VP Manufacturing
166  VP Product Dev
143  VP Dir Software Dev
136  VP Controller
74   Dir Business Dev
52   Dir Corp Communications
37   Dir Finance
53   Dir HR
19   Dir Investor Relations
68   Dir, Manager, HR
78   Dir Marketing
26   Dir Product Dev
27   Dir Product Management
15   Dir Public Relations
20   Dir Research
100  Dir Sales
133  Executive Other
152  Founder/Co Founder
1254 Hr Main
18   HR Manager
125  HR Other
100  Investor Relations Main
30   Investor Relations Other
31   Marketing manager
196  PR Main
81   PR Other
292  Press Contacts
54   Sales Manager
461  Sales Marketing Main
56   Sales Marketing Other
59   Technology Other

If you wish to be removed from this list simply reply with the word Remove in 
the Subject Bar, thank you.


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