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Settle Your ALL your Debt for just pennies on the dollar!!            ;s9

We also settle Credit Card Debt if the debt is over 90 days past due!!

Would you like to settle your credit card and other financial obligations 
for pennies on the dollar, avoid bankruptcy, and get a fresh start on your 
financial situation? We can help you achieve this goal!

In contacting you, our objective is to present you with options 
that will greatly eliminate your credit card debt and constant 
creditor harassment in this matter. There is a logical and sensible 
solution to resolve your credit card debt.

We represent Consumers only. We can negotiate your credit card debt 
and other consumer obligations to reduce the amount owed. We can stop 
collection calls and provide an economical and confidential alternative 
to court procedures, bankruptcy or bad debt charge offs, that can be 
time consuming, stressful, and expensive.

Let our attorneys get your creditors off your back in 24 hours! NO JOKE!

You are not charged hourly for time. Our fee is based upon a percentage of 
the amount we save you. If there is no settlement, our service costs you 
nothing! We can settle your debt for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR 
and help you save your consumer credit report.

And Remember No results, No fee! There are no fees if we are unsuccessful 
in achieving a financial settlement which meets with your approval.

Creditors have professionals representing their interests . . . you need 
professional working for you! For many years, we have been providing practical 
solutions to settle consumer debt with creditors, out of court, and 
without bankruptcy.

With the increasing amount of consumer credit card debt, and the interest 
charged by the credit card establishments, it can take YEARS, to pay off your 
credit card. For example: If you owe $20,000 at 20% interest, you can pay back 
$4,000 per year or $20,000 over 5 years AND YOU STILL OWE THE CREDIT CARD $20,000! 
That is correct-it is all interest. Any amount you pay less than that means you 
are just falling farther into debt!

Fortunately there is an option, we can settle your debts NOW, without
creditor harassment, litigation or bankruptcy.

To resolve your debt in the manner outlined above please call for a 
free NO OBLIGATION consultation.

If you have more than $5,000 in past due debt, I strongly urge you 
to fill out the form below and fax it to us! You have nothing to lose.

Remember, its less expensive for us to settle your credit card debt than it is 
for you to pay interest for the rest of your life!

Apply now for a FREE, No Obligation, Debt Consolidation Quote.

Contact us now for more information.
You have absolutely nothing to lose!!!!

Please call 1 877 330 7335 24 HOURS per day.
Consultants are waiting for your call...

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