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Tue Oct 16 03:31:02 EST 2001

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Dear Sir,

We would like to introduce ourselves as a finance consultant
Providing  following services :

1. We arrange Bank Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit for Credit
Enhancement from first 50 major Banks on lease at 20%

2. We arrange Commercial Letter of Credit (DLC, Accommodation
L/C) from  Prime Bank (Citibank, HSBC & Standard Chattered Bank) for
Credit  Enhancement as per your terms and condition with our inspection
certificate. Price as follows:

 For 90 days             :       2.75%
 For 180day              :       4.25%
 For eleven months       :       7.00%

The L/C opening fee has to be deposited in your/any law firm in Singapore.
 As Singapore law is very strong in these matter.

3. We arrange Bank Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
from Prime  Bank on discounted rate vary from 45% to 70% (depend on
required  amount) .  For example if you require USD1M BG (Face Value), you
have to deposit  USD 7 00,000 in your Bank account and we will get you
Bank Guarantee for  USD1M  which you can encash after one year of its face
value or you can also discount it. All  transaction  will be Bank to Bank.

4. We offer 100% security in following HYIP program :
a) $10M minimum, held in the Investor's own account in a major U.S. bank
b) Security: Funds are swapped  for $11M in U.S. Treasury notes at that
   bank in the U.S. which are provided by the program management
c) ROI = 100%/year, paid in equal monthly installments.
d) If any monthly payment is missed, the Investor can liquidate the
e) The program management are highly credentialed individuals whom I have
     met and introduced to credit unions and federal regulators in the U.S
.       They work with over $40B daily.

While the ROI may be less than with the program you are offering, the
security and disclosure are more acceptable to our investor contacts.

The investor's principal is swapped for $11M in U.S. Treasury notes, this
assumes the principal = $10M U.S. If the Investor puts up $100M, then they
receive $110M in Treasury notes. Their principal is always secured with 11
0% of value in Treasury notes

 If you have any interest, please free to contact us.

 Thanks & Regards

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