Human Cloning

Gordon D. Pusch gdpusch at
Tue Oct 16 23:24:38 EST 2001

howardcurt at (Howard Curt) writes:

> There is a report update on human clonding at 
> that may interest subscribers of this news group. 
> The Jupiter Scientific website, which has excellent 
> science information, seems to have a new URL. 
> The main page is 
> The old website in NY was down for sometime -- 
> I don't know whether this was related to the 
> World Trade Towers attack. 

Perhaps it's due to the administration of CCNY becoming tired of getting
complaints about Gehzi's SPAMming the entire usenet with ``bait and switch'' 
ads to suck people into the business website she was running from her former 
university account to sell her book...

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